[S] questions about version 3.3 for Windows 3.1

SusieMM (SusieMM@aol.com)
Sun, 17 May 1998 22:27:21 EDT

I have version 4.5 but my husband has version 3.3 and he had several questions
about the installation of this version.

1. During the installation process, a program group with 3 items was supposed
to be created. However, he already had the maximum number of program groups
allowed by Windows 3.1 so it didn't get created using the Windows Dialog Box.
He manually created an icon for the 3 files shown in the version 3.3 book,
set-up section. However, he wasn't able to get the S-PLUS REFERENCE icon/file
to be included in the S-Plus grouping. How can he do this? Which specific file
is the S-Plus Reference icon (pictured in the book) referring to?

2. When he installed version 3.3, there were 10 disks but the install program
didn't ask for the 10th disk, just 1 - 9. Is there a bug in the install
program that it didn't require disk 10? If he wants to manually install disk
10, where should he copy it to? (There are many sub-directories within the S-
PLUS WIN subdirectory.)

3. If he starts over with the installation proces, does he have to delete
what's on his C drive now or will the files now on his hard drive be written
over when he reinstalls S-Plus version 3.3?

Thanks, Susan Mangiero
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