[S] Bayesian Model Averaging Homepage

Chris Volinsky (volinsky@research.att.com)
Tue, 19 May 1998 12:04:16 -0400

For those of you interested in Bayesian analysis, specifically Bayesian
Model Averaging, there is now a homepage devoted to this topic:


The page contains the most recent versions of BMA S-plus software (note:
software on this page is generally more recent and reliable than the
same software posted at statlib) and many of the relevant published
articles about BMA.

Bayesian Model Averaging is a technique designed to help account for the
uncertainty inherent in the model selection process, something which
traditional statistical analysis often neglects. BMA has been applied
successfully to many statistical model classes including linear
regression, generalized linear models, Cox regression models, and
discrete graphical models, in all cases improving predictive
performance. Details on these applications can be found in the papers
available at the website.

The page is a work-in-progress, if you have comments, or other software
or papers you would like to include on the page, feel free to let me


Chris Volinsky
http://www.research.att.com/~volin sky

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