[S] Convex hulls on discriminant plots

Marc R. Feldesman (feldesmanm@pdx.edu)
Tue, 19 May 1998 20:30:51 -0700

After several months of learning how to manipulate basic S objects, I'm now
trying to get a bit fancier in my understanding of the language. I've hit
a wall on the following problem.

I've computed a linear discriminant using the updated (4/30/98) VR function
lda. I have a list called lda.predicted, which is the results of applying
the predict function to the lda object. I also have a plot of LD1 vs LD2.
None of this required any hard thinking.

I would like to place convex hulls around the perimeter of points in each
group. I've tried using apply and tapply together (to get the results
repeated by group) but I get an error each time telling me that chull()
isn't a function. I'm using something like:

chull.dat<-apply(lda.predict, 2, function(x) tapply(x, lda.predict$class,
chull(lda.predict$x[,1], lda.predict$x[,2])))

I'm obviously missing something basic here in my understanding of either
how chull() works, or how it works in connection with apply and tapply on
grouped data.

Dr. Marc R. Feldesman
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