[S] SUMMARY: distances on German map (library map)

Jens Oehlschlaegel (oehl@Psyres-Stuttgart.DE)
Wed, 20 May 1998 22:13:53 +0200 (MET DST)

Thanks to all who were willing to help so kindly with the
following query

#Subject: QUERY: distances on German map
#we want to visualize the distances, 1200 patients travelled
#to 45 hospitals all over Germany. At least we want to find out the
#distances they travelled. The information available is the zip-code
#(neue Postleitzahlen) of hospitals and patient homes.

[I do not cite all the references to professional geo-software]

A within S+ solution has two steps:
(1) finding German zip code geo data
(2) using map() from libary maps with the world map

- (1) on finding German zip code geo data ----------------------------

"Andreas J. Koenig" <koenig@kulturbox.de> kindly pointed me to
an ASCII file, which contains 6809 German towns together with
state abbreviation, zip code (or zip code ranges) and
geographic data, which can be found at

http://astrologix.de/download/index.htm resp.

[there is a small bug: zip codes for "Worms" must range from 67547 to

Restrictions of these data are:
1) there are no seperate geographic data for different zip
areas within towns
2) about 17000 zip codes belonging not to towns but to post
office boxes are missing (match on the first 2 of 5 digits
should give a rough localisation)
3) about 1000 zip codes belonging to big institutions are
missing (match on the first 2 of 5 digits should give a rough
4) may be some smaller towns are missing also

More precise and complete data can be bought from "Deutsche
Post Direct", contact:
"Hausen, Ulrich /PD" <U.Hausen@DeutschePost.de>

- (2) using map() from libary maps with the world map -----------------

Many thanks to Stephen Kaluzny <spk@statsci.com>, who kindly
ported the world map for library map to WinS+4.0. It also
contains a map of germany. Unlike the US, where state and
region borders are available, the world map only provides
country borders, even for countries as big as brazil. In
principle, if one has the necessary data, one can create more
detailed maps for use with map(), but to do this one needs some
executables for creating the approbriate data format. Since
these are not shipped with WinS+4.0, I asked for executables
(or the necessary c-sources), and got the following answer from

"The maps library is part of the S distribution from Bell Labs. We do
not send out the C source for S. The executables for the maps library
(specifically, Lmake and Gmake) do not run under Windows. The programs
require a number of utilities that are available on Unix but are not
standard on Windows." [end of quote]

MATHSOFT: please maintain and make available
the necessary executables and/or provide the
source code for the data conversion routines

The help file of WinS+4.0 Release 3 on the topic "World"
"World.thin" explains, that the world map is not delivered with
S+ because of size. You are sent to statlib for getting the world
map. The world map at statlib is a packed version, which needs
unpacking in several successive steps. This requires unix
tools and compiling a special c-programm for extraction. DON'T
TRY THIS, because for the final conversion from ASCII to an
internal map format you need the Lmake and Gmake executables
mentioned above. (under unix you may find Lmake and Gmake
executables, but the resulting binary data files do not work
with WinS+4.0). Instead, get Stephen Kaluzny's WinS+4.0 version

Best regards


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