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Martin Maechler (
Fri, 22 May 1998 09:23:02 +0200

>>>>> "Anne" == Anne York <> writes:

Anne> The unix help facility is better than nothing. But, for example,
Anne> try to find one of the options under par() without searching
Anne> through the entire par help file. I have found this infuriating
Anne> for some time. It is especially hard for a new user to know where
Anne> to find the help. For someone who knows Splus well, the present
Anne> system may be adequate.

If you are using ESS (:= Emacs Speaks Statistics) [formerly known as S-mode]
and Emacs,
you are much luckier, even as beginner:
You can have all help (not help.start(.) though) as an Emacs buffer [C-v]
in which searching is trivial (and very efficient, e.g C-s [incremental search])

ESS manual:
ESS for download from CRAN (:= Comprehensive R Archive Network),
where <CRAN> is any of the CRAN (mirror)sites, such as on

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