[S] image function change in s-plus version 4.5

Bishop, Lane (Lane.Bishop@alliedsignal.com)
Wed, 27 May 1998 07:41:00 -0700

I have installed S-Plus version 4.5 for Windows, and unfortunately blown
away version 4.0. I had existing code using version 4.0 to make a 2x2
array of image plots in which I need to make the color encoding the same
for each plot. I used the "image" function using the optional argument
"zlim=" to make the color range match the total range of the z data on
all the plots. However, version 4.5 keeps reducing the range to no
larger than the actual data range on each plot. Can this be overcome?

Simplified example:

yy <- xx <- seq(-3,3,0.2)
zz <- outer( xx, yy )

Now compare:

image( xx, yy, zz ) # defaults
image( xx, yy, zz, zlim=c(-5,5) ) # smaller range
image( xx, yy, zz, zlim=c(-15,15) ) # larger range

The third plot is identical to the first.

- Lane Bishop (lane.bishop@alliedsignal.com)

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