Re: [S] x axis limits on barchart -- Trellis documentation

Rich Calaway (
Wed, 27 May 1998 09:48:08 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Christian Keller (and all you S-PLUS users out there),

We at MathSoft appreciate the time you invest in finding and reporting
bugs in our software and documentation. We are listening, and we are
constantly trying to improve our product.

In our documentation, we must balance the need to provide at least minimal
guidance on all our new features with the desire to fully document the
(at last count) over 3000 functions in the S-PLUS language. Given that we
have only limited documentation resources and over 5000 pages of
documentation to maintain and augment, it should not be too surprising
that we fall behind sometimes. We currently have a backlog of some 400
documentation bugs, some serious (little documentation of GUI
customization functions), some not so serious (typo in regMatch help
file). We try to prioritize our work so the most serious problems are
addressed in a timely manner.

But please do continue to send us your suggestions. You can use to report documentation bugs, but you may also get
documentation's ear directly by sending e-mail to

Rich Calaway 1700 Westlake Ave N, Suite 500
Lead Technical Writer Seattle, WA 98109
Data Analysis Products Division phone: 206-283-8802 x240
MathSoft email:

On Wed, 27 May 1998, Christian Keller wrote:

> On Tue, 26 May 1998, I wrote:
> > I was very much interested in this solution. But I was
> > wondering where this argument, i.e. 'axs' is documented.
> >
> > Neither in help(trellis.args) nor in Trellis Graphics
> > User's Manual (Versions 2.0 & 2.1) I can find any
> > references.
> >
> > Can anybody point me to the appropriate documentation
> > (if there is one)?
> I've got the following responses:
> >From Jens Oehlschlaegel <oehl@Psyres-Stuttgart.DE>:
> >> Looks like this argument is not documented at all.
> >> I couldn't find it, even after knowing that it is a
> >> trellis.args scale argument.
> >> You should report this to MATHSOFT at
> I'm not sure if this would help very much!
> I think MathSoft is very busy with other things at the moment
> instead of having time to correct known bugs, or in this case,
> lack of documentation.
> I don't want to start a controversy against Trellis but I think
> it would help many users to use Trellis functions much more
> efficiently if such things were better documented.
> Christian Keller
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