[S] Fixing corrupt files

Michael Conklin (mconklin_1@cresearch.com)
Thu, 28 May 1998 08:29:04 -0500

I have run into a problem 3 times this week that has caused me to waste
a lot of time. The problem is as follows:

While performing some large calculation on a large datafile (typically,
2000 - 20000 cases with 50-100 variables) Splus shuts down with the
usual Win95 error box. This is annoying but not horrendous. However,
this apparently corrupts a file in my database and whenever I try to
attach that database I immediately get the same error. This is
especially troublesome if the error is in my default database which
automatically gets attached on startup. The only way I can seem to fix
the problem is to look in the database, guess which file is causing the
problem and delete it, delete it from the __nonfi, listing if it is a
numbered file, and delete the sum4 files so they will rebuild. I find
that I also need to delete the init folder and prev folder so that a
copy of the wayward file doesn't try to load again.

Even this procedure wouldn't be too bad if there was a way to identify
which file was causing the offense. I am wondering if anyone has a
better solution to this problem. (BTW - just telling me to forget
about using the object browser is not a good answer. I think that
feature is especially useful. I work on 10-20 different projects a week
and the organizational features of the browser make keeping track of
the details of those very easy)

I have had this same problem on three different machines with three
different versions of Splus ( Splus4.0 rel 3, Splus 4.0 rel 2, Splus
4.5) all running under Win95.

Michael Conklin

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