[S] Installing Splus 4.5 with an existing 4.0 installation

Julia Dryden (julia@statsci.com)
Thu, 28 May 1998 17:06:16 -0700 (PDT)

Due to the recent flood of questions on the subject, we thought it would
be helpful to post the following write-up. (It will be on our web site

I hope you find it helpful.


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The two options are:

#1 Install Splus 4.5 in a separate directory from Splus 4.0. If you stick
with the default installation path for 4.5, your 4.0 directory will not be
touched and you can run both as separate applications.

#2 Uninstall Splus 4.0 and install Splus 4.5 in the \splus4 path.
Uninstalling 4.0 will leave your \users and \module folders untouched, so
when you start up Splus 4.5 with this type of installation, the data you
used in your 4.0 session will automatically be there.

Getting data from Splus 4.0 to Splus 4.5

If you have installed Splus 4.5 using method #2 (and Splus starts up in
the default working directory), then your 4.0 data will be available when
you start up Splus 4.5. However, if you have used method #1, you can do
one of three things:

1) Attach your 4.0 _Data to your SearchPath in your 4.5 session. To do this
you can either right click on SearchPath in the Object Browser, or
use the attach() function from the command line. (See the help file
for attach.)
2) Start Splus 4.5 in the existing 4.0 _Data.
a. Create a shortcut to Splus 4.5
b. Right click on the Splus 4.5 shortcut icon and select Properties
c. Select the shortcut tab
d. There will be an entry in the target window which contains the
path of SPLUS.EXE. After this entry you need to set the S_DATA
environment variable to the path of the 4.0 _Data. The
following is an example of the S_DATA setting.

S_DATA="C:\Program Files\splus4\users\username\_Data"

(We recommend using S_DATA for this instead of S_PROJ because
S_PROJ also points to the _Prefs folder and for this purpose
you only want to point to the _Data.)
e. Splus will automatically have this directory attached in
position 1 when you launch the program from this icon.
(This works because 4.5 and 4.0 have identical __sum*.tx*
3) data.dump() objects in Splus 4.0 and then data.restore() them in
Splus 4.5. See the help files for data.dump/data.restore for more
information. If you want to transfer all of your 4.0 objects to your
4.5 _Data using data.dump/data.restore, you could do the following:

From Splus 4.0:
> data.dump(ls(),"C:\\Temp\\sobjects.dmp")
#Creates a text file 'sobjects.dmp' in the directory 'Temp' on your
C harddrive.

From Splus 4.5:
> data.restore("C:\\Temp\\sobjects.dmp")

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