[S] getting others going in Splus

Nathan Pace (nlpace@bigpace.med.utah.edu)
Fri, 29 May 1998 16:21:10 +0000

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A group (5 to 10) of research bioengineers (grad students, postdocs, staff, and
faculty) in my department want me to give them a 1 hour startup talk on Splus.
I can have a live Xterminal with video projection of the session. They listened
to me describe using non linear mixed-effects models in Splus to model
pharmacokinetics. Their eventual intent and interest in Splus is fitting non
linear mixed-effects models (not just for pharmacokinetics) and doing neural

Has anyone done something like this and saved a handout, slides, etc.? Any
suggestions about how to do it?


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