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MathSoft is seeking two individuals to join our Educational Services team in


As a MathSoft instructor you will travel around the US delivering both
public and private courses on S-PLUS and will also contribute to the
development of course material. Requirements: Strong knowledge of S-PLUS,
experience with both Windows and UNIX environments, teaching and/or
presentation experience, and a MS or Ph.D. in statistics.


MathSoft is also seeking a dynamic individual to manage direct operations of
the Educational Services and Technical Support departments and also teach
some courses. Responsible for ensuring high quality technical support and
delivering high quality training materials/courses on S-PLUS. Requirements:
Knowledge of statistics and software products, experience with both Windows
and UNIX environments, 5 years management experience, MS or Ph.D. in
Statistics or related field. Teaching experience is highly desirable.


MathSoft offers an excellent benefits package including medical, dental,
vision, 401(k), tuition reimbursement, employee stock purchase plan, flex
spending, dependent care, holidays, vacation, competitive salaries and a
professional working environment with opportunities for growth. Qualified
candidates, please mail, fax, or e-mail your resume to: Human Resources,
MathSoft Inc., Data Analysis Products Division, 1700 Westlake Avenue North,
Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98109. FAX: 206-283-8691 e-mail: hr@statsci.com
Cheryl Mauer, Director of Marketing Phone 206-283-8802 x.264
MathSoft, Inc. Fax 206-283-8691
1700 Westlake Ave N. Ste 500 http://www.mathsoft.com/splus/
Seattle, WA 98109 cmauer@statsci.com

1998 International S-PLUS User Conference
October 8-9, 1998
Washington, DC
For current information: http://www.mathsoft.com/splus/

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