[S] summary of replies to 'bug in the rate parameter for gamma dist.?'

Leslie Foldager (leslie@constat.dk)
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 08:16:15 +0200

Thank you for the answers.

I am using version 4.0 release 3 for Windows. The possibility of setting the
rate parameter is one of the modifications to the older versions. The
default value is however still rate=1.

Tim Hesterbergs proposed to add the line:
if(any(rate < 0)) stop("Negative value of rate")
to the beginning of each function.

This would of course solve the problem, but I think it should be:
if(any(rate <= 0)) stop("non-positive value of rate")

The most constructive answer is (Brian Ripley and Jim Stapleton):

For rate < 0 consider this as the distribution of
-X where X ~ gamma(-rate, shape).


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