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On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Bill Venables wrote:

> Erin Hodgess writes:
> > If I want to plot a sine or cosine curve, is there a way to
> > have \pi on the x-axis, please?
> Yes, but like so many things now, it depends on whether you are
> in the clutches of Bill Gates, Microsoft, S-PLUS 4.x and all that
> WIMPy stuff or whether you are still relatively free of it... :-)
> 1. With S-PLUS 4.x (I believe) there are now quite extensive
> facilities for changing fonts, making things subscripts and
> superscripts, &c but someone else will have to give you the
> details. It should be dead simple though.

For a graphsheet device. See page 10 of the V&R S-PLUS 4.x complements
(obviously not written by V!) or p.266 of the User guide (but beware
that the table there of the character set is plain wrong, and that
does not tell you how to do it in command-line graphics).

> 3. For LaTeX (or plain TeX) + dvips users there is effectively a

or other postscript output processors, e.g. DVIPSone

> complete solution to the general problem of placing labels
> with arbitrary mathematics, font and size changes, using the
> full TeX paraphernalia if you like, that should be much better
> known. It also applies to both sides.
> It's called psfrag. There several ways of using it, but the
> one I prefer is to put dummy labels on the graphics in S-PLUS,
> save the result as a postscript file, insert it into the
> document and use LaTeX and the psfrag perl script to replace
> the dummy labels by the precise TeX `fragment' you wish to
> appear in each place. The result is usually exactly what you
> require, and can match the fonts and style as closely as you
> wish (or not).
> The most recent version I can find (quickly) is Version 3.01
> with release date November 27, 1996. It should be available
> at any CTAN archive in
> CTAN/macros/latex/contrib/supported/psfrag/

This has not used perl for some time, so does work with any
TeX system. The latest version is 3.04 (3 May 1998).
More details (and some warnings) are in The LaTeX Graphics Companion.

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