[S] image.legend - solution

Laura Richards (l.richards@niwa.cri.nz)
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 16:51:33 1200

Many thanks to those who replied to my message back in April re:
problems with using image.legend in a multiple plot layout. It seems
this is a common difficulty, so here's the easy solution (credit to
Anne York and Jean Adams)...

# first call to 'image'
image(interp.temp, xlab = "Latitude, deg S", ylab = "Depth, m",
ylim = c(-130, 0), main="Temperature")
# next set plot position in layout
# now can call 'image.legend'
image.legend(interp.temp$z, size=c(1, 0.1), hor=T)...

The important line was to use 'mfg' to state which plot of the 3x2
layout I wanted to place the legend with. This was the step that I
had missed.


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