SOFIA Stephano (cs0sso@cis.sunderland.ac.uk)
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 11:55:27 +0100

Dead all,
I'm writing some functions ( S-Plus 4 for windows ), and I have mainly two

1 I'm not able to modify a function without writing it since the
beginning every time;

2 suppose the initial values are stored in a vector, and the algorithm is
based on succesive calculations, each of them stored in different vectors.
The function returns the final result in a final vector, and I'm able to
view only this final vector, I'm not able to use an intermediate result (
stored in a intermediate vector ) for other calculations.

It is possible to use the the vectors used inside the function ( to get the
final result ) for other calculations? How should I declare these vectors?
Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance for the eventual help.

Stefano Sofia
research student, University of Sunderland, England

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