[S] trellis.device defaults

Robert Key (key@geo.princeton.edu)
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 13:39:37 -0400

There must be a simple answer.

S-plus 3.4 on UNIX:

If I


then create a new color scheme and save it, the settings are saved in my
login directory in a file called .sgraphrc. The next time I start a
trellis.device(motif), however, file .sgraphrc is apparently not read
since the changes I made the previous time (and they are recorded in
.sgraphrc) are absent.

On the other hand if I use

then file .sgraphrc is read and any changes/additions show up.

How do I get "trellis.device(motif)" to read the file or whatever is
required to remember changes/additons, etc.

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