[S] Trellis axis problems

John Thaden (jjthaden@life.uams.edu)
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 14:33:42 -0500

Dear splusers,

I've experienced three problems with Trellis axis labels using S-Plus v.
4.0 rel. 3, and wonder if anyone might suggest solutions. With xyplot(),
if I include the arguments

ylab = list( "First Text Line\nSecond Text Line", font = 2 ),
scales = list( font = 2, y = list(log = 10, alternating = c(2, 2)) )

then I get the desired logarithmic y axis, label with two lines of text.
But . . .

(a) the number of ticks and labels cannot be modified. Things I have
tried are tick.number=4, at=c(0.3, 1, 3, 10), and labels =
c("0.3","1","3","10"). This only occurs if the scale is logarithmic.

(b) The second text line is printed on top of the axis line. I have tried
spacing the text further from the axis by specifying larger values for the
default par setting mgp = c(3, 1, 0), but nothing happens.

(c) The font of the text is font=1 regardless of what I specify. This is
true with the font= argument either in scales, in ylab, or in both. This
problem is unique to the y axis.

If you've encountered and solved any of these problems, I shall be grateful
to learn how.

John Thaden, Ph.D.
University of Arkansas for Medical Science
Little Rock, Arkansas USA

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