[S] previous recall command question

Fri, 12 Jun 1998 11:07:09 -0600

I have a colleauge who uses S-Plus in the Unix environment, and would like to
know how to recall the previous command. We are familiar with the history
function, but this is not exactly what we want. In the Windows environment the
up and down arrows allow you to scroll through the previous commands. On
Friday, April 24 someone asked this same question. I looked up his summary of
the responses and he said that to recall a command and make some changes to it,
and execute it, the ESC key combined with other keys works well. We have tried
the ESC key with keys such as the up and down arrows, but with no success.
Just the ESC key itself gives strange characters so I assume you must have to
hit another key first or change an option somewhere. Anyway, I tried to
contact this person directly and ask what the other keys were, but I haven't
heard back from him. I thought maybe someone else would know what the other
keys are that you combine with the ESC key to recall the previous commands at
the S-Plus prompt in Unix???
Thank you very much!
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