[S] options for step.glm()

Renaud LANCELOT (lancelot@telecomplus.sn)
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 10:08:52 +0100

Does anybody know how to supply iteration control arguments (e.g.
epsilon=1e-6, maxit=50) to the step.glm() function ? I tried different
things but the problem is that the arguments are not given to the glm.fit()
function which is called by step.glm().

I am working with S-Plus 4.0 for Windows 95.

Many thanks in advance.


Renaud Lancelot
Programme PPR
BP 2057
Dakar-Hann (Senegal)

Tel (221) 832 49 02
Fax (221) 821 18 79 / (221) 832 33 34

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