[S] Windows Metafiles in S-Plus 3.3 for Windows 3.1

Rick Bilonick (rab@nauticom.net)
Thu, 18 Jun 98 09:55:08

Has anyone used placeable Windows
metafiles successfully in S-Plus 3.3?

Every graphic that I create using
win.printer with a format of either
metafile or placeable metafile has
problems with the vertical axis. The
default of labels being parallel to the
axis are always ignored and the labels
print perpendicular to the axis. This
causes the tick labels to print over the
axis and usually the axis lable is
truncated on the left. In any event, the
graphic is not usable for a document.

I've tried turning off the axes and using
axis with parameters like las=0 to force
the labels to be parallel to the vertical
axis but it never has ANY effect. The
labels are always perpendicular to the
axis. The most I can do is prevent the
axis label from printing and/or the axis
itself from printing.

Any suggestions?

I have been using EPS files via
win.printer but that always causes the EPS
graphic to the size of a page. I would
love to be able to create a graphic EPS of
a certain size, but this appears to be

No matter which way I go, there always
seems to be a bug that prevents S-Plus
from working the way it was supposed to,
at least as far as graphics output under
Windows 3.1 is concerned.

Has StatSci ever released any bug fix
packs for this version of S-Plus?

Rick Bilonick

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