Re: [S] Windows Metafiles in S-Plus 3.3 for Windows 3.1

Rick Bilonick (
Thu, 18 Jun 98 11:07:59

The postscript function works well under Unix, but it definitely does
NOT create legal EPS files under Windows 3.1.

To create EPS files, I have to use win.printer and use a Windows
Postscript printer driver. This works EXCEPT that I haven't been able
to control the size of the EPS file. You can control the size of the
graphic within the EPS file (using the win.printer options), but the
size of the EPS file appears to be limited to the various page sizes
(letter, legal, etc.). At least I haven't found a way to control the
EPS size. This isn't fatal but it is a nuisance.

I haven't been able to get S-Plus 4.5 to run under OS/2 (with win32s

On Thu, 18 Jun 1998 15:25:45 +0100 (BST), Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

>> From: Rick Bilonick <>
>> To: s-news mailing list <>
>> Date: Thu, 18 Jun 98 09:55:08
>> Subject: [S] Windows Metafiles in S-Plus 3.3 for Windows 3.1
>> Has anyone used placeable Windows
>> metafiles successfully in S-Plus 3.3?
>> Every graphic that I create using
>> win.printer with a format of either
>> metafile or placeable metafile has
>> problems with the vertical axis. The
>> default of labels being parallel to the
>> axis are always ignored and the labels
>> print perpendicular to the axis. This
>> causes the tick labels to print over the
>> axis and usually the axis lable is
>> truncated on the left. In any event, the
>> graphic is not usable for a document.
>I think that is a known bug.
>> I have been using EPS files via
>> win.printer but that always causes the EPS
>> graphic to the size of a page. I would
>> love to be able to create a graphic EPS of
>> a certain size, but this appears to be
>> impossible.
>I would use postscript() instead: it is much less buggy. However,
>_all_ S-PLUS postscript graphics has a bounding box the size of the
>region (even on Unix). You need to choose reasonable dimensions
>(I tend to use something like
>postscript(file="", width=8, height=6, pointsize=9)
>) and if the bounding box matters, get an exact one (and on Windows
>GSView can do this for you).
>> No matter which way I go, there always
>> seems to be a bug that prevents S-Plus
>> from working the way it was supposed to,
>> at least as far as graphics output under
>> Windows 3.1 is concerned.
>That is a very limited so-called operating system, of course. These
>things work much better under S-PLUS 4.5.
>> Has StatSci ever released any bug fix
>> packs for this version of S-Plus?
>Not as far as I know.
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Rick Bilonick

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