Re: [S] Windows Metafiles in S-Plus 3.3 for Windows 3.1

Rick Bilonick (
Thu, 18 Jun 98 11:25:20

I just tried using dev.print. I created the graphic using win.graph and
the vertical axis is correct. Using dev.print, the vertical axis is
still wrong. I quit S-Plus and started over but the vertical axis is not

Maybe the problem is in the application (Lotus WordPro) and not S-Plus?

On Thu, 18 Jun 1998 10:22:35 -0400, G. Stephen Few wrote:

>The approach i've been taking in S+3.3 has been the line below.
>Such as, win.graph(), par(mfrow=c(r,c,)), then the plot, dev.print().
>I take my plot into WP or msWORD from there. The axes stay in line OK.
>I use dev.print(file="a:/myplotA.wmf",format="metafile")
>Steve Few
>Cary, NC
>At 09:55 AM 6/18/98, you wrote:
>>Has anyone used placeable Windows
>>metafiles successfully in S-Plus 3.3?
>>Every graphic that I create using
>>win.printer with a format of either
>>metafile or placeable metafile has
>>problems with the vertical axis. The
>>default of labels being parallel to the
>>axis are always ignored and the labels
>>print perpendicular to the axis. This
>>causes the tick labels to print over the
>>axis and usually the axis lable is
>>truncated on the left. In any event, the
>>graphic is not usable for a document.
>>I've tried turning off the axes and using
>>axis with parameters like las=0 to force
>>the labels to be parallel to the vertical
>>axis but it never has ANY effect. The
>>labels are always perpendicular to the
>>axis. The most I can do is prevent the
>>axis label from printing and/or the axis
>>itself from printing.
>>Any suggestions?
>>I have been using EPS files via
>>win.printer but that always causes the EPS
>>graphic to the size of a page. I would
>>love to be able to create a graphic EPS of
>>a certain size, but this appears to be
>>No matter which way I go, there always
>>seems to be a bug that prevents S-Plus
>>from working the way it was supposed to,
>>at least as far as graphics output under
>>Windows 3.1 is concerned.
>>Has StatSci ever released any bug fix
>>packs for this version of S-Plus?
>>Rick Bilonick
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Rick Bilonick

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