[S] thx to all for S+ import replies

Robin Regnier (RRegnier@centrallimit.com)
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 10:03:17 -0700

Thanks to those who emailed me with possible work-arounds to my problem.

Some said to search for a space in entries for the offending columns in
EXCEL. I did this and found that there were, but replacing these with
nothing didn't help (in fact other columns also had spaces but they were
correctly imported as NAs).

G. Stephen Few suggested substituting all missing values with a generic
number (i.e., -999) and then replacing these with NA once imported. This
worked well although I only had to put the number in the very first row...
everything after that with missing values then imported as NA. Seems strange
but true ;)

Thanks again to all and I hope everyone is enjoying the World Cup !

Robin Regnier
Central Limit Statistical Consulting

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