[S] Data Frames, Tables, and Chi2

Erin Hodgess (hodgess@uhdux2.dt.uh.edu)
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 18:13:40 -0500

Dear S+ ers:

I have a data frame with a column with gender and a column with ethnicity.
I would like to do two things:
A. Produce a contingency table with Gender vs. Ethnicity;
B. Perform a chi-square test on that table from part A.

I have been working with "factor" and "table", but no luck so far.
The data frame was imported from an Excel file, so I believe that the
data itself will all be in "list" classes.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Erin Hodgess
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
University of Houston -- Downtown
e-mail: hodgess@uhdux2.dt.uh.edu
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