[S] Q: S and C++: Errors and Warnings, textoutput

Oliver Klinger (klinger@lkn.e-technik.tu-muenchen.de)
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 16:28:06 +0200


After downloading the amendment to S-PLUS Programmer's Guide and keeping
exactly to it I tried to program an oputput of text to the S-PLUS
window. But when I include the newredef.h and try printf() there's an
error in the linker (unresolved external reference _S_newio_printf).
When I don't include newredef.h there are no errors, but the text simply
Further: I tried to use the Macros MESSAGE and PRINT_IT and also PROBLEM
and RECOVER. But then the compiler says: function Recover doesn't accept
2 parameters.
I'm working with MS Visual C++ 5.0.
What is the matter??? Are the include files somehow corrupt (S.h,
newredef.h) or is there a problem with the compiler, or what else might
be wrong and how can I solve these problems.

Thanx in advance

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