Re: [S] scope rules

Douglas Bates (
25 Jun 1998 14:36:02 -0500

"David Nelson" <> writes:

> Coming from the LISP community, I've always found the scoping rules for S to
> be quaint in the extreme, and a constant source of irritation to me. I have
> always wondered if the developers of S were aware of the research at the
> time on lexical scoping, but deliberately chose not to incorporate modern
> scoping techniques because they would conflict in some way with S's lazy
> evaluation and delayed commitment paradigm. Or, were they just unaware of it
> and were trapped in old-fashioned FORTRAN thinking?
> In any event, there is no conflict between structured programming,
> object-oriented programming, and lexical scoping (see, e.g, the work on
> Common LISP Object System (CLOS)). And the scoping rules surely were not
> used to enforce "security".

The R language, which its creators characterized as "not unlike S",
uses lexical scoping. See
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