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Sun, 28 Jun 98 06:01:50 EST

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want a better way to protect your privacy.

Many of us never realized the long-term effect that bad credit has on
our lives. In the computer age, many of these negative issues seem
inescapable, and for good reason. Fortunately, Credit Medic will
rescue you from your past negative credit and open the way to a new
life in the credit world. By creating an entirely new credit file, you can
obtain the credit you deserve. This powerful program will explain how
you can create a new credit bureau file that will give you the opportunity
for new credit.

People lose their credit privileges for any number of reasons. In our
society, it's very difficult to live without good credit. Regardless of
your past credit history, this program will show you how to regain good
credit. But you will get more than that. With good credit comes high
self-esteem and self-worth. You will be better able to take care of
yourself or your family and enjoy the things you deserve.

Credit Medic will walk you through this process step by step. It will
take some energy and focus on your part but the rewards will be well
worth the effort. By creating a new credit file, the Government allows
you a second chance at getting the credit you deserve. Thousands of
people who have used this program have achieved success in releasing
themselves from the exasperating stranglehold of bad credit and moved
on to having outstanding credit.

Understand that there is absolutely no reason for you to believe that it is
impossible for you to release yourself from your past negative credit and
move on to excellent credit!

The process is very simple, but it is important to be dedicated and to
follow through with all details. You must also be patient, some steps
take longer than others. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is a
miracle quick fix. This method will require some work on your part.

What's important to realize is how the Government and the
CRAs (Credit Reporting Agencies) identify you and list all of your past
and present credit information. Credit Medic will show you how to
apply for new credit identification. This creates a whole new credit
identity, that runs parallel (but never crosses) your existing credit.

This program doesn't require that you repair your old credit file, although
it's a good idea for many obvious reasons. This is your decision to make.
Credit Medic isn't loaded with fluff or filler material. Everything in this kit
is important! You will find out about rights that you probably didn't know
you had. Remember, you deserve good credit. Follow the program carefully,
and you will be successful!

Credit Medic will give you a second chance for credit. It will also be your
last chance. You must understand that you only get ONE (1) second
chance. If your credit is damaged again, Credit Medic cannot help you.

Credit Medic is a PROVEN method that REALLY WORKS if you follow
the steps described. Credit Medic DOES NOT do the work for you, but
it DOES give you COMPLETE detailed instructions for building NEW

by June 10th and receive 50% off the regular price of $39.95. NOW
ONLY $19.95 if your order is postmarked by July 10, 1998!

Please print and fill out the following order form:

ATTN: Please type or print legibly to ensure proper delivery.


E-mail Address (Required for E-Mail Delivery--U.S. Postal Delivery $5.95 extra)






Phone #______________________


_____ E-Mail Delivery _____ U.S. Mail

$_19.95_ CREDIT MEDIC SECRETS (If postmarked by 7/10/98)
$_______ Sales Tax (CA residents add 8.25%)
$_FREE_ E-Mail Delivery (you must include an e-mail address which accepts large attachments)
$__5.95_ Postal Delivery (Only add this amount if you want Credit Medic delivered by U.S. Mail)
$_______ Order Total


___ Personal/Business Check ___ Money Order ___ Cashier's Check

PREFERRED FORMAT (Please check one or more of the following):

___ ASCII ___ Microsoft Word ___ Zipped

*If none of these three formats are acceptable, please order for delivery
by U.S. Mail. You must include the additional $5.95 shipping & handling fee.
The complete kit will be mailed in printed form.

**If you're ordering from outside the USA, only a Money Order in US
Dollars will be accepted. No postal delivery is available outside the
USA, so you must include your E-Mail address accurately and legibly.
If you do not currently have an E-Mail address, please get permission
to use a friend's.


Please make payable to -> BWZ Publications
and send to:

Credit Medic
21755 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 455
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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