[S] copying and pasting blocks of commands

Andreas Krause (Andreas.Krause@genedata.com)
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 10:33:00 +0200

Here is a tip that you might find useful.
If blocks of S-PLUS commands stretching over several input lines are to be
re-executed, copy and paste is a way of doing it.
This is cumbersome though, as one has to do it line by line in order to avoid
copying the S-PLUS prompt (">"). So why not make the prompt compatible with
what we want to do and set it to something like ";" ?

options (prompt="; ", continue=";; ")

does the trick.
This trick is applicable to shell prompts as well, and that's how I came across
it, looking at a colleague's screen.

andreas krause

Dr. Andreas Krause, GeneData AG, Postfach 254, CH-4016 Basel
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