Re: [S] (X'X)^(-1) from aov

Christian Hoffmann (
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 15:56:02 +0200

Thanks to Professor Ripley for the prompt answer to my question. For the
solution to work, see the correction stated below.

At 12:36 1998.07.01 +0100, you wrote:
>On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, Christian Hoffmann wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> For a manova, Y = X*B + U, I want to compute the covariances
>> (beta-hat-ij,beta-hat-kl) = sigma-jl*g-ik, with g the elements of G <-
>> (X'X)^(-1), where X is the design matrix. I have the feeling that G is
>> constructed inside method "aov", but somehow I cannot find it. I want to
>> make it appear as a result parameter $G.
>It's computed in summary.lm, so
>summary.lm(object)$cov.unscaled is what you need.
>It is not needed by lm, aov, manova, ....

Thank you for the hint. This will work only after in

coef <- coefficients(object)
cnames <- labels(coef)
rinv <- diag(p)
dimnames(rinv) <- list(cnames, cnames)
is changed to
dimnames(rinv) <- list(cnames[[1]], cnames[[1]])

Obviously cnames has a second component when it has been generated by aov.

May be one should amend summary.lm accordingly.

Thank you again

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