Re: [S] commenting multiple lines of commands

Douglas Bates (
01 Jul 1998 10:27:53 -0500 (Jean Adams) writes:

> Is there a quick way to comment out multiple lines of commands in
> S-PLUS code without inserting a pound sign "#" before every line?
> I am using S-PLUS 4.5 Professional Release 1 with Windows 95.

A not entirely frivolous suggestion is:

1) Learn emacs.
2) Install ESS (Emacs Speaks Statistics). (see
3) Put your code in an ESS buffer in S-mode.
4) Mark the region and use M-x comment-region.

If you only have to do 4) this could be considered a "quick way" :-)

Otherwise, you might do something mundane like enclosing the code you
wish to have skipped in

if (FALSE) {

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