[S] Special Mathematical Functions

Wed, 1 Jul 98 12:42 EDT


In developing new statistical procedures & algorithms for the widely
assorted situations that have been of interest to me over the years,
it is remarkable just how frequently I have found myself needing to
evaluate various `special' mathematical functions.

Most recently, the ones that come to mind are the gamma function for
COMPLEX valued arguments, the digamma function, the error function
for COMPLEX valued arguments and the related Fresnel type integrals,
the occasional Bessel function, and perhaps a number of other `special'
mathematical functions -- all of which have arisen in statistical research

It is too painful (and time consuming) to have to try to track down such
common functions every time they are needed and then to worry about how to
link them together with S-Plus.

Is anyone aware of some easy `global' way to accomplish this, perhaps
by means of `loading' a library containing a more or less full series
of Fortran (or other) subroutines that do these things so that such
functions will just be there whenever needed?

Thanks to all in advance for any assistance/suggestions on this problem!

Andrey Feuerverger
University of Toronto

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