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Z. Todd Taylor (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 10:41:04 -0700

"sinclair, andrew (MIP London)" <> wrote:

> Does anyone know if it is possible to use Splus BATCH in UNIX
> in such a way that the process does NOT automatically release
> itself ? By that I mean that if I enter
> Splus BATCH infile outfile
> at the command line it will not return a prompt until it has
> finished execution.

One way is to write your own version of the batch script. All
the BATCH script does is prepend 'options(echo=T)' to the top of
your infile before running Splus. You could start by copying
the one that comes with Splus:

cp $SHOME/cmd/BATCH mybatch

Then edit that copy to eliminate the ampersand (&) from the line
that runs Splus. Make sure the new file is executable:

chmod +x mybatch

Then use the local copy in place of "Splus BATCH". For example:

./mybatch infile outfile

> [ It seems to me that this should happen by default in Unix,
> since I could always add "&" to release the process if required.]

I agree. I hate apps that try to circumvent users' use of
operating system capabilities.

> Thank you for any assistance or comments (e.g. why this is a silly idea !),

Not silly at all.


Z. Todd Taylor
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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