Re: [S] NLME3

Douglas Bates (
06 Jul 1998 16:15:30 -0500

First, you are discussing a beta-test version of the nlme 3.0 library.
All the beta testers were informed that questions like this should go
to the
mailing list. Your question does not belong on s-news.

Secondly, all you need to do is to check the structure that is
returned from summary.lme. You will see there is a component called
zTable which is a matrix. The rows correspond to the fixed-effects
coefficients. The columns are, as the labels indicate,
"Value" "Std.Error" "z-value" "p-value"

Chul Ahn <> writes:

> In a previous version of lme, I could get the vectors of fixed effects
> using summary(lmefit)$fixed.table[,3] for Z-statistics of fixed effects. Is
> it also possible to extract the vectors of fixed effects from NLME3?
> I tried summary(lmefit)$fixed.table[,4] to extract only p-values from the
> linear mixed effects model fit. The output says null even though I could
> see the p-value from summary(lmefit). Would you please let me know how to
> extract the information of fixed effects results from the fit of NLME3?