Summary : [S] prevention of releasing BA

sinclair, andrew (
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 12:41:00 +0100

Many thanks to all those who made suggestions - due to the
number of replies I hope nobody minds if I don't mention names.

There were three distinct suggestions :

(1) The most common suggestion was creating a script that is essentially
the original batch script with offending ampersand omitted. This
is the approach I took, and it works perfectly.

(2) Another suggestion which works ( I think ) is
Splus < infile
I am not clear about the difference between this and (1), although
it seems convenient with (1) that the output file is specified.
( Otherwise here I think sink("outfile") needs to be included in infile )
Perhaps someone could explain the difference ?

(3) Some people use
Splus infile outfile
which doesn't work on my machine.
( HP 712 running HP-UX 10.20 and Splus V3.4 )

Thanks again,

Andrew Sinclair
ED & F Man Investment Products
Sugar Quay
Lower Thames Street
London EC3R 6DU
tel : 0171 285 2089
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