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sinclair, andrew (asinclair@edfman.co.uk)
Wed, 8 Jul 1998 10:12:00 +0100

Thanks to all those who once again replied so swiftly and helpfully -
what a wonderful group !

The answer to my question is to put "print()" around the trellis
plotting command.

ie instead of having this in my loop :
xyplot(rnorm(100) ~ I(1:100))
I should have put this instead :
print(xyplot(rnorm(100) ~ I(1:100)))

The reason that both produce a plot when executed on the
Splus command line is that anything executed like that is
automatically printed. But in a loop one needs the print().
This is true of all trellis commands, because they produce
a graphics object.

thanks again,

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