Re: [S] New Chambers book available

Prof Brian D Ripley (
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 07:49:31 +0100 (BST)

On Fri, 10 Jul 1998, Marc R. Feldesman wrote:

> For those interested, John Chambers' new book "Programming with Data" is
> now available. I received my copy from yesterday.

It is published by Springer-Verlag, ISBN 0-387-98503-4. Yes, it is
available _in the USA_ now (but my copy has not yet crossed the Atlantic
successfully). Springer's Web site has it at

and JMC has a Web site for the book at

with more details (than Springer) on-line. It also says

This book is a guide and reference to the version of S underlying S-Plus
Versions 5.0 and later (not useful if you are programming with earlier
versions of S-Plus).

but then MathSoft International sent out a letter this week saying that
`S-PLUS 5.0 for Unix begins shipping this month'. Exciting times

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