[S] Visualizing Decision Boundaries in Classifictation

Arman Maghbouleh (arman@csli.stanford.edu)
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 10:24:31 -0700


What do you all do to plot/visualize decision boundaries in classification

I have implemented a logistic regression classifier based on four
predictors. I want to see where the decision boundaries are for this
classifier, and later compare the boundaries to those from LDA, KNN, and
other classifiers I will implement.

I couldn't find any examples in the blue or yellow books, nor discussions
on the S archive. Barring help from this group, I will, for each pair of
predictors, predict on a grid of values, keeping other predictors fixed,
and mark predicted grid borders which have different predictions on each

Any ideas, code, pointers for better approaches will be appreciated.

Thanks, Arman.

| Arman Maghbouleh
| Linguistics Department
| Stanford University
| Stanford, CA 94305 USA

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