Re [S]: S-DOX question
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 10:14:37 -0400

(I tried to send this to Dan personally, but it got bounced.)


To the best of my understanding 1 of the variables can have 3
levels and there are no restrictions on the total number of
variables. Once more than one variable
has 3 levels DOX switches to response surface designs (face
centered cubic, central composite, BB, etc), which are
efficient for continuous variables but may not be what
you are looking for.

BTW, the middle level is treated like a midpoint in the analysis,
so if your third level isn't exactly centered or your variable
is not continuous then you may want
to analyze the resulting data from the command line. This
doesn't detract from the value of generating the design in DOX.

Good luck,

# orig

does anybody know if S-DOX is able to generate partial factorial
design with three levels?And what is the maximum number of
factors, if there is any?

Mathsoft UK didn't help me too much.

Thanks in advance

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