[S] error message with plot.gam

Renaud LANCELOT (lancelot@telecomplus.sn)
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 10:41:13 +0100

Dear S+ users,

I met for the first time a strange problem with plot.gam() which I often
use. I want to plot a simple gam (logistic) model with the following data:

> dim(ovlouga)
[1] 4657 35

> summary(ovlouga[, match(c("mort", "tmin"), table=names(ovlouga))])
mort tmin
Min.:0.00000 Min.:13.80
1st Qu.:0.00000 1st Qu.:17.10
Median:0.00000 Median:18.40
Mean:0.01739 Mean:19.02
3rd Qu.:0.00000 3rd Qu.:20.80
Max.:1.00000 Max.:25.50

> test <- gam(mort ~ lo(tmin, 1/3), data=ovlouga, family=binomial(logit))

> plot.gam(test)
Error: Expressions nested beyond limit (256) -- increase limit with
only 30 of 213 frames dumped

There is no problem with the fitted model, and the increase of
options(expression=n) up to 4096 does not change anything.
Did anyone meet the same problem ? How to fix it ?

I am working with S-Plus 4.5 / Win95.

Thanks and best regards,


Renaud Lancelot
Programme PPR
BP 2057
Dakar-Hann (Senegal)

Tel (221) 832 49 02
Fax (221) 821 18 79 / (221) 832 33 34

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