[S] modifying text.tree()

Don McKenzie (dmck@silvae.cfr.washington.edu)
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 12:30:45 -0700


I would like to create a modified version of text.tree() to
write back-transformed fitted values at the terminal nodes. For
example: I am modeling proportional data using an arcsin/sqrt
transformation, but would like to draw the tree with the original
values printed at nodes. Has anyone done this, or identified the
variable (which I can't seem to do) within text.tree() that
corresponds to the values printed at nodes.

Ideally, one would pass a function as additional argument to
text.tree, as in: text.tree(<name of tree>,<function>), but
I realize this creates scoping problems. I'd settle for just
knowing what value(s) within the function to modify.

Thanks much. I've attached the code to text.tree() below. I'm
running v. 4.5 on Pentium2 NT with 128mb RAM.

Don McKenzie


function(x, splits = T, label = "yval", FUN = text, all = F, pretty = NULL,
= .Options$digits - 3, ...)
#Put left splits at the parent node
#Allow labels at all or just leaf nodes
#if FUN=text then adj=1 puts the split label to the left of the split
rather than centered
if(!inherits(x, "tree")) stop("Not legitimate tree")
frame <- x$frame
column <- names(frame)
if(!is.null(ylevels <- attr(x, "ylevels")))
column <- c(column, ylevels)
if(is.na(match(label, column)))
stop("Label must be a column label of the frame component of the tree"
cxy <- par("cxy")[2]
if(!is.null(srt <- list(...)$srt) && srt == 90)
cxy <- cxy * 4
xy <- treeco(x)
if(splits) {
node <- as.numeric(row.names(frame))
left.child <- match(2 * node, node)
rows <- labels.tree(x, pretty = pretty)
FUN(xy$x, xy$y + 0.5 * cxy, rows[left.child], ...)
leaves <- if(all) rep(T, nrow(frame)) else frame$var == "<leaf>"
if(label == "yval" & !is.null(ylevels))
stat <- as.character(frame$yval[leaves])
else if(!is.null(ylevels) && !is.na(lev <- match(label, ylevels)))
stat <- format(signif(frame$yprob[leaves, lev], digits = digits))
else stat <- format(signif(frame[leaves, label], digits = digits))
if(!is.null(dim(stat)) && dim(stat)[2] > 1) {
stat[1, ] <- paste(sep = ":", dimnames(stat)[[2]], stat[1,
stat <- do.call("paste", c(list(sep = "\n"), split(stat, col(stat)))
FUN(xy$x[leaves], xy$y[leaves] - 0.5 * cxy, stat, ...)



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