[S] 2 queries

Fri, 24 Jul 1998 13:53:46 EDT

We're using version 3.3 in my grad.stat. course but I have version 4.5 on my
home pc. If I'm correct, it seems that I can write multiple line commands
using version 3.3 but must create a function to do this with version 4.5.

For example, with version 4.5, if I want to create a qqnorm plot with a
qqline, when I type


the graph comes up so that when I type

qqline(corn.yields) at the next prompt

nothing happens because the qqnorm plot has already been created.

In contrast, if I type


using version 3.3, I get the qqplot with the qqline once I open the graphic

So, bottom line, does version 4.5 preclude writing multiple line commands
outside of a created function?

Second question....How can I print everything from the > window, NOT JUST THE
SCREEN but the entire > results I've been working with?

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