[S] Postscript differences between Unix and PC S-PLUS

David Nelson (daven@llnl.gov)
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 10:57:49 -0700

Thanks to all who responded with suggestions, etc., regarding the mysterious
control D in trellis.device(postscript, file="foo.eps", ...) output.

Many pointed out that some postscript printer drivers for Windows have an
option to emit a control D before and/or after a print job, apparently as a
way to reset the printer's memory. At least now I know WHY these control D's
sometimes appear. However, since this was occurring while outputting to a
file, that couldn't have been the problem.

The answer was kindly provided by Stephen Weller at Statsci, who noted that
there is indeed a bug in the older postscript driver used by the postscript
device, wherein a control D is emitted after the postscript for an image. He
also noted that using a graphsheet and then exporting the resulting graph
via the File -> Export Graph... interface uses the NEW postscript driver
(EPSF 3.0 vs. 2.0, according to the header) which does not have this bug.

David O. Nelson
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