[S] Trellis strip and trellis.par.set

Hsu, Chyi-Hung (Hsu_C@Ricerca.com)
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 14:50:21 -0400

Dear all,

Dose anyone know how to make the background of the trellis strip
transparent? I have tried to set the background color, but the function
"trellis.par.set" was not cooperative. Then, I tried a simple
change-symbol example from S+ trellis manual which also calls
"trellis.par.set". Again, the same error message appears (see below).
I really do not know if I am in the right direction to make the
background transparent, nor have any clue about the error message. Any
information is welcome. Thanks in advance. Hsu

> plot.symbol <- trellis.par.get("plot.symbol");
> plot.symbol$col
[1] 2
> plot.symbol$col <- 3;
> plot.symbol$col;
[1] 3
> trellis.par.set("plot.symbol",plot.symbol)
Error in trellis.par.set: Missing value where logical needed: if(p[i] !=
q[i]) stop("inconsistent component

p.s. I am using S+ 4.5 professional on NT 4.0.
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