Re: [S] Trellis strip and trellis.par.set

Jack Lewis (
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 13:07:44 -0700

Hsu, Chyi-Hung wrote:

> Dose anyone know how to make the background of the trellis strip
> transparent? .....

The following function appeared on S-news awhile ago:

function(b = 0, s = 0)
# Sets trellis parameters for strip colors
# Default will eliminate shading from trellis strips
# Use trellis.strip(5,12) for trellis defaults
if(is.null(attr(get(".Device", where = 0), "trellis.settings"))) stop(
"Current device is not a trellis device")
s.b <- trellis.par.get("strip.background")
s.b$col[1] <- b
trellis.par.set("strip.background", s.b)
s.s <- trellis.par.get("strip.shingle")
s.s$col[1] <- s
trellis.par.set("strip.shingle", s.s)

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