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Gabriel Baud-Bovy (baudbovy@fpshp1.unige.ch)
Fri, 24 Jul 98 22:58:01 +0200

Dear subscribers,

I would like to insert many postscripts figures produced with S-PLUS 3.4 Unix
into a Word-Perfect document. In many of these figures, I used
subplot() or mfrow=c(...) because, for example,
1) I have more than one plots in my figures (the number of plots may
vary from one figure to another).
2) I want my subplots to have the same size in all my figures (thus,
the size of the figure depends on the number of plots on the figure).
I can import and print the plots without problems, but there is
there is a lot of white space around the "small" figures in the WordPerfect
document because the entire page appear to be fitted in the space
reserved for the figure.

How can make S-Plus produce post-script files so that WordPerfect
understands that it should pick up only the part of the page where
there is a plot? In other words, how can I "cut" the part that interests
me and "paste" it into the WordPerfect document?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Gabriel Baud-Bovy baudbovy@fpshp1.unige.ch
Université de Genève, FAPSE tel. +41 22 705 97 67
9, route de Drize fax +41 22 300 14 82
1227 Carouge, Switzerland home tel. +41 22 320 21 38

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