[S] Summary: Postscript.

Gabriel Baud-Bovy (baudbovy@fpshp1.unige.ch)
Mon, 27 Jul 98 10:56:53 +0200

My problem was to find a way to select a part of a postscipt figure
generated with S-PLUS Unix 3.4 in order to include it into a
WordPerfect document.

The easiest way I found was suggested by Prof. Ripley (see below). Looking
for epstool, I discovered that it was already part of GhostView (version
1.3). Using this program, I could easily define the area that interested
me trough the command "PS to EPS" in the File menu of this program (see
the help file for possible problems).

Thank you to all who responded.


>From Rich Calaway:
>What you probably want to do is insert a %%BoundingBox comment in each
>figure. To find the appropriate bounding box, print the PostScript
>file on a regular piece of paper. Measure the x and y distances from
>the lower left hand corner of the paper to the lower left corner of
>your crop area, and the x and y distances from the lower left hand corner
>of the paper to the upper right corner of your crop area. (those distances
>should be measured in points, or inches times 72)

>From Brian D. Ripley:
>Set the bounding box correctly: it is set to the whole figure
>region by S-PLUS. There are lots of ways to do this automatically,
>search for epstool, for example.

>From Frank Harrel Jr:
>Look at our web page under Stat Computing Tools, 5th entry from
>bottom of the long list. Also see ps.slide in the Hmisc library.

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