Re: [S] Summary: Postscript.

Prof Brian Ripley (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 10:27:18 +0100 (BST)

> From: Gabriel Baud-Bovy <>
> Subject: [S] Summary: Postscript.
> My problem was to find a way to select a part of a postscipt figure
> generated with S-PLUS Unix 3.4 in order to include it into a
> WordPerfect document.
> The easiest way I found was suggested by Prof. Ripley (see below). Looking
> for epstool, I discovered that it was already part of GhostView (version
> 1.3). Using this program, I could easily define the area that interested
> me trough the command "PS to EPS" in the File menu of this program (see
> the help file for possible problems).

To avoid GhostView users searching for this, it is not in GhostView
(which has been at 1.5 for a long time). Part of the functionality is
in GSView (for Windows and OS/2), not at all the same program, and
currently at version 2.5! But epstool exists as a standalone program
for both Unix and Window / OS/2, ans is more reliable at getting the
true bounding box.

As far as I can see this is a bug in S-PLUS though; the bounding
box should be tight (`the box that enclose all the marks...').


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