[S] several questions

Wed, 29 Jul 1998 00:55:14 EDT

I'm just learning version 4.5 and S plus in general so bear with me please.

I created a data frame, a 200 x 1 vector of data. The data frame is called
residence. I then added some columns such as sqroot, reciprocal, etc. each of
which represented a transformation of the original column of data (which I
called Months).

Here's my question. When I try to create a histogram of just the first column
(Months), I'm not sure how to do it.


When I type in hist(residence.data), I get an error message.

I was able to create the histogram by going into residence.data, sorting the
first column and then highlighting the sorted first column and then using the
GRAPH function from the toolbar. However, I want to know what the > command is
for creating a histogram of just one column in a multi-column data.frame

Also, did I have to sort the first column of data first before using the graph
function from the GRAPH toolbar function?

Finally, if I want to print out the first column of data in a compact space,
how do I do this at the > prompt?

I typed >list(residence.data) when the file contained just the first column
of data and the command window showed two columns, 100 points each. I wanted
to have the display in a more compact space so that the 200 points of the
first column would be in full view within one command window.

Thanks. Susan M. Mangiero

P.S. Does anyone know of classes for version 4.5 of S Plus that aren't several
thousand dollars?
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