[S] How to replace formal name with value in call to another function?

Terry Elrod (Terry.Elrod@UAlberta.ca)
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 20:41:45 -0600

Here's a problem that sometimes arises in S-Plus:

I have written an estimation method which creates its own class. The
estimation is accomplished by a function au with arguments such as innerarg.
It returns an estimated model of class "au", including a list component
"call" containing the call to au as returned by match.call().

I have also written a stepwise procedure called step.au, which of course
calls au a number of times. The call to au (through update) has an argument
such as innerarg = outerarg, where the value of outerarg is set within

The problem is that the model returned by step.au, the best model as found
by step.au, has component call containing innerarg = outerarg. Since
outerarg is not given a value within au, and since its value was not stored
in the object created by step.au, this model cannot be re-estimated by a
call directly to au, or by a call to update, etc.

Here's a bit of code to illustrate the problem. Four dots is used to
indicate missing code.

step.au(object, scope, ...., outerarg){
update(object, newformula, innerarg = outerarg)

au(formula, ...., ...) {
rslt$call _ match.call()

> .test _ step.au(object, ...., outerarg = 5)
> .test$call
.... innerarg = outerarg ....
> # The result I would like to see here is innerarg = 5
> # Can anyone help with this?
> # Hint: I've checked into this enough that the answer is not blazingly
> # Thanks in advance for any help ....

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