[S] nested aov example

Shawn Boles (shawn@luthien.ori.org)
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 12:29:40 -0700

Hi All:

I am attempting to reproduce the example given in Chambers & Hastie
("White book" p. 153) for a nested anova using the gun data frame
supplied with Splus.

Running: Version 3.4 Release 1 for Sun SPARC, SunOS 5.3 : 1996

> ju1<-aov(Rounds~Method+ Physique/Team,gun)
Error in scored(xi, name = nam, label = lab): levels for Physique not numeric
In addition: Warning messages:
3 missing values generated coercing from character to single in: as.single(\

Any help appreciated.

Actually, expansion of the documentation dealing with nesting as a
means of constructing analyses of covariance would be helpful.

Thanks In Advance

Shawn Boles
Senior Research Associate &
Adjunct Research Scientist

Oregon Research Institute Internet: shawn@ori.org
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